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THE REWILD PROJECT is a non-profit social enterprise focused on environmental education and ecological restoration.
Our mission is to re-connect people to nature and their ancestral heritage through arts and crafts, growing food, outdoor learning and community-building projects.


The Rewild project is based in the forest of dean and aims to revive traditional, land-based skills to connect people back to ways of living off the land. Through community growing projects and various craft workshops and courses; the Rewild Project aims to use Agro-Ecological and Permaculture approaches to create thriving food growing spaces, a renewed interest in land and food, newly skilled people and improved eco-systems.


“Rewilding people and not just the landscape”




  • To be gifted land for the creation of a Community land trust; for eco-living, working craft, growing and venue space.

  • To set up a craft centre with open access workshops providing tools, equipment and work space for members.

  • Continue to be a non-profit community interest company, developing into a charitable organisation.

  • To run affordable courses, workshops and events promoting traditional crafts and rural skills.

  • To continue to plant more edible landscapes using agro-forestry/argo-ecology/argo-regen priniciples.

  • To be inclusive and accessible to all and use a sliding-scale system for fees.

  • To provide facilities for green woodworking, tanning, blacksmithing, coppice crafts, ceramics and textiles.

  • To have access to woodland for coppicing, forest schools, foraging, primitive living and survival skills.

  • To promote outdoor learning and sustainable organic practices.

  • To create employment for local crafts people, land workers and communities.

  • To create a hub; a place to learn new skills, share ideas, meet new people and feel part of something exciting.


Ready to help?



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